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the Z HOWERLI Alaskan Malamute and Yakutian Laika

Breeding dogs Alaskan Malamute - ZHOWERLI  - you will find here information about the breed, about breeding, puppies, and large photo gallery Malamutes.

We are assumed breeding violence; Our Malamutes are our members of the household; live with us in the house with a garden on country site and already can not imagine my life without their company. Do not focus on the amount, but the quality of the cultured Our dog, both in terms of genetic and character. The decision to mating precedes a full and thorough analysis of the potential candidates mates for the father of our puppies bitches. Combinations are always dealt with in terms of genetic, health.
We are looking for exceptional Malamutes that send their children only the best and desirable in the breed standard features. We remember that Alaskan Malamute  is not only our most faithful friend, a wonderful with a beautiful, lush hair show dog, but also, and perhaps above all, working dog, working.
Just perfect anatomy and health will malamute to work in harness, pullingu  or other activities. We are proud to have just such alaska we were able to grow. Dogs from our kennel and our 
stud after living in Europe; in Ireland, Northen Ireland,  Poland and Norway, USA,Chile, Germany, Austria . They are not only family members, but the founders of the new culture, excellent show dogs, reaching for the top prizes but also delicious sledge dogs.